Otonabee Region Agreement Forest Hunting

Hunters must also have a valid hunting licence from the Ministry of Soil Natural Resources and Forestry. Hunters must also be members of the Ontario Federation of Fishermen and Hunters. This affiliation includes the insurance coverage required for hunting on hunting properties designated by Otonabee Conservation. Otonabee Conservation allows eight of its properties to be hunted. Depending on the property, you can hunt waterfowl, white-tailed deer, black bears, turkey and small game. (a) hunting or training in the protected area is permitted; Among the nature reserves available for hunting are the Birdsall Wildlife Area, Darling Wildlife Area, Cavan Swamp Wildlife Area, Douro Forest Block, Dummer Wildlife Area, Otonabee Conservation Agreement Forest, Sawer Creek Wildlife Area and Squirrel Creek Conservation Area. James points out that there are some restrictions that apply to land hunting, and hunters are advised to familiarize themselves with the possibilities and limitations before going out. Restrictions: waterfowl only on the bottom banks; Archery hunting white-tailed deer only at Otonabee Ward. Please give us three business days to process your hunting licence application. If you have not received your verified and signed authorization within three business days, please verify your authorization of your email`s unwanted/spam file. If you have any problems, contact Jessie James at jjames@otonabeeconservation.com 2. This regulation does not apply to protected areas managed or managed by a municipality or a person or group of persons as part of an agreement between the municipality, the person or group of persons and the authority.

R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 128, 2. “Over the years, there has been a greater interest of hunters in preserving protected areas for hunting. Otonabee Conservation has identified eight objects in which hunting is permitted and requires hunters to apply for permission to hunt in the countryside,” says Jessie James, Conservation Program Manager for Otonabee Conservation. Restrictions: No hunting for part lot 21 and part lot 23, concession 12, Cavan Ward. Peterborough: With the fall hunting season only a few weeks away, Otonabee Conservation reminds hunters that hunting opportunities are available in some protected areas and that hunters must apply for land access permits. Please note that motorized ground vehicles (e.g. B ATV), drones, trail cameras and the construction of deer doors and hunting camps (temporary or otherwise) are strictly prohibited. Additional restrictions apply to certain objects in which hunting is permitted.

Hunting opportunities and current restrictions are listed below and are provided as a downloadable fact sheet. Viist www.otonabeeconservation.com/outdoor-recreation/activities/hunting/) for the hunting licence application form and a fact sheet that sets out the rules governing hunting in these areas.